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Haryana GK Religious Place and Tourism

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Haryana GK Religious Place and Tourism

Chapter- 07 Religious Place and Tourism in Haryana

Haryana GK Religious Place and Tourism
Haryana GK Religious Place and Tourism
  • Haryana is unique in many ways. The land has been referred to as ‘the Heaven on the Earth’ in an ancient Sanskrit inscription.
  • The Indus valley and Vedic civilisations flourished here.
  • The state has also witnessed several historic battles, including battles at Panipat and the epic battle of Mahabharata at Kurukshetra. It is also referred as ‘Gateway to North India’.
  • Haryana, the land of great culture and heritage is developing as an attractive travel destination. Due to its proximity to Delhi, a number of modern recreational centres for tourists have come up in Haryana.
  • Haryana tourism highlights on cultural, pilgrim tourism, adventure, golf tourism and developing new locations as crafts centres.

Religious Places in Haryana

  • Haryana has a large number of Hindu temples that are important pilgrimage centres also. Being the land from where holy sermons of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita were given by Lord Krishna, the land is revered by Hindus.
  • Many important Gurudwaras and Mosques are also located in Haryana.

Haryana GK Religious Place and Tourism

Hindu Religious Places in Haryana


  • It is situated in the district of Kurukshetra.
  • The town derives its name from King Prithu.
  • According to a legend, on the death of his father, the King Prithu sat on the bank of river Saraswati, offering water to all visitors. As a result, the place came to be known as Prithudaka or Prithu’s pool.
  • With time, the town of Prithu came to be called Pehowa.
  • Today, it is an ancient place of great devotion, where prayer and pind daan for ancestors is believed to grant moksha or redemption from the cycle of birth and death.
  • It has similar significance as Gaya in Bihar.
  • Pehowa is also famous for temples devoted to Shiva and his son Kartikeya.
  • The temple is known as Kaleshwar Teerth.


  • It is one of the most sacred places of Hindu pilgrimage in the district of Kurukshetra.
  • It lies adjoining the town of Kurukshetra and is often called its twin town.
  • The town derives its name from the words Sthan-esvar or the abode of God (Mahadev).
  • The town was once the centre of great learning.
  • Today, it is famous for the Sthaneswar Mahadev temple and the Maa Bhadra Kali temple.


  • One of the most revered places of Kurukshetra is Jyotisar.
  • The word Jyotisar constitutes of two parts i.e. Jyoti’ meaning light and ‘Sar’ meaning tank and essence.
  • Thus, Jyotisar symbolically signifies the essence of enlightenment. It is also called Geeta Sthali.
  • It is here under the holy banyan tree, that Lord Krishna is believed to have delivered the eternal message of Bhagvad Gita to Arjuna before the commencement of the Battle of Mahabharata.
  • A beautiful marble chariot depicting Lord Krishna delivered the eternal message of Gita to Arjuna, canopied by a banyan tree exists at the site.


  • The Sarovar (lake) is believed to be built by Raja Kuru. It is located in Kurukshetra district.
  • The Sarovar is also mentioned in the memoirs written by Al-Biruni in 11th century AD called “Kitabul-Hind’.
  • Bathing in its holy water is a ritual followed by people during Makar Sankranti and Poornima.
  • A ‘deep daan’ ceremony is held in November-December where earthern lamps are floated in the waters of the Sarovar,


  • It is located in Kurukshetra and deemed as a permanent abode of Lord Vishnu.
  • The place is beleived to be formed by King Ravana for establishing a Shiva temple.

Gaudiya Math

  • It is located in Kurukshetra.
  • It is one of the largest religious groups in India formed by Bengali disciples who worship Lord Krishna and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Valmiki Ashram

  • It is located in Kurukshetra.
  • It has a famous temple of Rishi Valmiki.
  • Baba Lakshman Giri’s Samadhi is also situated here.


  • It is a shrine located on the banks of Saraswati river in Kurukshetra district.
  • Rishi Markandeya achieved a divine status by carrying out meditation here.


  • It is located in Kurukshetra.
  • It is considered a sacred site to carry out the rituals of Pitra Tarpan.
  • It is near Kuber Shrine where it is believed that Kuber had performed Yajnas.
  • It is also believed to be the residential place of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.


  • It is located in Kurukshetra.
  • This place is believed to the point where Arjuna had made the Ganges erupt so that it could quench the thrist of Bhishma.


  • It is situated in Kuruhshetra on the banks of Saraswati river.
  • It is believed to be established by Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and wife of Rudra.


  • It is an ancient river also known as Aapga.
  • Rig Veda mentions Drishadvati, Saraswati and Aapya rivers where vedic civilisations have originated.
  • With the passage of time, this river has turned into a muddy pond.


  • It is located in Narnaul and has a temple of Rishi Chwan who is believed to pray here for 7000 years. The place has a Shiva temple and many kund (ponds).
  • People take dip in the kunds during Somvati Amavasya.

Shir Kaleshwar Mahadev Math

  • It is located in Yamunanagar on the bank of Yamuna river.
  • It is one of the 12 oldest mathas of the world.
  • It is situated on the confluence of Saraswati, Yamuna and Sukhna.

Pushkar Teerth

  • It is located in Jind district. A temple and a sarovar is located here near which Lord Parshuram’s father Jandigi is believed to have prayed.

Ram Raya

  • It is located on the Jind-Hisar road.
  • It is believed that this place was visited by Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshman and a yajna was performed by Parshuram here.
  • Dhundwa is located nearby this place where Duryodhana hid himself after defeated in the battle.

Asthal Bohar

  • It is located in Rohtak district.
  • The place has ashrams for Darshani Sadhus who consider Gorakhnath to be their first teacher.
  • These Sadhus ears are split.
  • A fair is organised here on every Phalgun Shukla Navami.


  • It is located in Palwal.
  • It is believed that Pandavas stayed here during their period of secret exile.


  • It is located in Jind on the Jind-Gohana road.
  • The place is believed to be the place where Pandavas carried out the ritual of Pind-Daan.
  • A fair is held every year on the day of Somvati Amavasya in this place.

Nava Graha

  • It is located in Kaithal.
  • The place has 9 Kundas which are believed to be build by Lord Krishna to carry Nav Graha Havan (Yajna).
  • Now most of the Kundas do not have much water left.

Tosham Teerthana Base

  • It is located in Bhiwani.
  • The place is considered sacred due to presence of 8 Kundas which are also known as Pandav Teerth. Teerth.

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