Indian Polity UPSC 2020 Static part --- Unit-01 Historical Development of Indian Constitution Unit-02 Formation of Constituent Assembly Unit-03 Salient Features of Indian Constitution Unit-04 Part-01 Union and Its Territory Unit-05 Part-02 Citizenship Unit-06 Part-03 Fundamental Rights Unit-07 Part-04 Directive Principles of State Policy Unit-08 Part-4A Fundamental Duties Unit-09 Part-05 Union Chapter-01 Executive Unit-09 Part-05 Union Chapter-02 Legislative Unit-09 Part-05 Union Chapter-03 Judiciary Unit-10 Part-06 State Chapter-01 Executive Unit-10 Part-06 State Chapter-02 Legislative Unit-10 Part-06 State Chapter-03 Judiciary Unit-11 Part-08 Union territory Unit-12 Part-09 Panchayat Unit-13 Part-9A Muncipalities Unit-14 Part-9B Cooperative Societies Unit-15 Part-10 Scheduled & Tribal Areas Unit-16 Part-11 Relation between Centre and States Unit-17 Part-12 Financial Unit-18 Part-13 Trade, Commerce Unit-19 Part-14 Service Unit-20, Part14A Tribunal Unit-21 Part-15 Election Commission Unit-22 Part-16 Special Provision for Special Classes Unit-23 Part-17 Official Language Unit-24 Part-18 Emergency Unit-25 Part-19 Miscellaneous Unit-26 Part-20 Amendment Unit-27 Part-21 Unit-28 Part-22 Unit-29 Extras Chapter-01 Bodies of Constitution Comptroller and Auditor General of India Article 148 to 151 Inter State Water Dispute Article 262 Inter State Council Article 263 Unit-29 Extras Chapter-02 Qualification & Disqualification of Different posts Unit-29 Extras Chapter-03 Appointment of Different Post Unit-29 Extras Chapter-04 Removal & Impeachment of Different Post Unit-29 Extras Chapter-05 Discreationary Power of Different post Unit-29 Extras Chapter-06 Oath of Different Post Unit-29 Extras Chapter-07 Binding & non Binding Decision

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